On this “International Nurses' Day”, we would like to put the spotlight on our colleagues for the extraordinary work they have done every day for the past 15 years with homeless people.


Getting out on the streets, making contact, finding the right words, coming back, every week, to create a bond.

Providing hygienic care, listening, calming down, motivating, guiding and empowering, without ceasing.

Directing that one insight, the spark that makes someone start caring again, and finally get out of the street.

To doubt, to bounce back, to innovate, to endure many frustrations but also to rejoice in the smallest advances.

And to continue to follow the patients, once resettled, so that they hold on, because nothing is ever won in advance.

To work for a better world, where homelessness is no longer.

To believe in it and show that it is possible.


For all this and much more, thank you dear colleagues nurses!